Teasers for 'Pillaging Pop Culture' by Task One x Tenacious Toys


"Pillaging Pop Culture" is a new series from Task One (www.taskoner.com) x Tenacious Toys (www.tenacioustoys.com) - featuring 3" custom figures, and sneaks thus far include "Fozzie" and "Beaker" from them "well known puppets", and a Doughboy … Gawds but I heart Fozzie! (Seen above left photoshopped from two images, so proportions might not be 100% accurate, be warned).

I reckon 'pop culture' is meant to be parodied, and is what makes the "lowbrow art" connected to pop culture such a readily accepted form of "art", versus original sculpture/art, IMHO. Looing forward to more reveals in this series!

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