Toy-Review: Vinyl Cavey from A Little Stranger


Cavey first started life as a plush designed and created by A Little Stranger?, and now transitions into a vinyl figurine, standing 7-cm tall, ever ready to jump into your toy-loving-hearts!

Featuring a sculpt by Ali Coleman, who added a slight fold in the finished vinyl, providing further character to the ambiguous critter. A further nod to the plush origins, is the embroidered fabric tag embedded into the vinyl figure's side, and a nice touch indeed. Kudos to producers Unbox Industries for making this seamless.

Header-card art is provided by Ralph Niese (for which one day soon I would have to decipher what/whom the character holding Cavey is, actually).


Four colorways exist, with BRILLIANT WHITE and CAVEY PURPLE currently available for purchase via at £9.00 each, whereas we'll have to wait and see where BLACK and PINK turns up at.

Palm-sized and adorable, with the body ever so slightly squishable (meaning, it can be cut open for customization, and not to hug it to sleep lol), and has a solid flat base for the figure to stand steady (unlike it's plush-brethren).

Personally, the "thing" for me about Cavey's "charm", is the sheer simplicity of it's aesthetics, especially where the plush figure is concerned. Sure there are numerous moments of "cosplaying-fun", but the simple ones tug at the heartstrings. Currently the white one which I own, is extremely adorable by itself, and I can not really imagine it to be too overly customized (although I have in my KIV-folders a custom-piece by Jay222 that defies this LOL).

Is "cuteness" the only path accessible to Cavey? With the advent of this vinyl editions, perhaps it opens up a whole new world of "possibilities", innit? We'll see :)


**More images posted HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album!

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