Wave 2 of Task One's Pillaging Pop Culture Series Drops March 24 on Tenacious Toys


Super Series Sundays at Tenacious Toys Releases Wave 2 of the Pillaging Pop Culture Series by Task One on March 24 via their Super Series Sundays page! Available this wave is a lab doctor with his erstwhile assistant, and a certain frog-loving female pig … oh man, they'd be awesome next to the first Wave's release!


- US$40 per blind box pull (you will not be able to choose the figure).
- US$100 for all 3 designs released in each wave (guaranteed you'll get all 3 designs)
- US$600 for the whole series of 18 characters plus a chase that is not part of the 18 (guaranteed complete set!)

One particular thing to note: Once Wave 2 goes up, Wave 1 will no longer be available! So sort out your purchases and quick, folks! And check out the image below of Wave 1 with their "new" boxes that will house the figures! *SWEET*


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