ATOM by 3A Toys (April 14 pre-sale)

(Below: The fully painted Atom was in display at 3A in Taiwan / pic via Lukaaas)

Available for pre-sale via on April 14th from 3A Toys is their third 1/6-scaled articulated "robot" from the live action "Real Steel" movie, with the protagonist ATOM standing (approx) 40cm tall. There will be a Bambaland-exclusive with a controller accessory (like the previous two releases) and the SRP is US$320.00 per.

And while I've not had the opportunity to see the figure "live" and up close (which is absolutely different that viewing images online, IMHO), there has been quite an amount of chatter over the figures, it seems. And I cannot imagine anyone else doing a better job of producing articulated robot figures than ThreeZero/3A! Well, except for my 1/6 Monrol whose arm dropped out hahahahaha

[10 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

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