New Giclee Prints from Marko Manev x Bottleneck Gallery (inspired by 'Blade Runner' and 'Pyscho')

Aaaaah yes, this print image from Marko Manev truly sends my Blade Runner-loving hearts a fluttering, indeed! to be released for sales on Tuesday, August 20th at at around 12pm eastern, is this Giclee print titled “Tyrell” - sized 13" x 19", and in a Numbered edition of 100. Splendid interpretation of the scene from the movie, when 'Deckard' first meets 'Rachael' at the offices of the Tyrell Corporation, methinks! Just as soon as the shades are drawn too ... NICE

Also on sale at the same day same time, is another Giclee print from Marko, titled “Mother” (image insert right), and is inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho".

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