"Plush Capacitor" by Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill

Nathan Hamill shares with us a project he had done with Flat Bonnie for a friend's birthday present - something fans of the classic "Back To The Future" movies might recognize!

"Based on Back to the Future's flux capacitor, which allowed the DeLorean to travel through time, I designed and anthropomorphized and Flat Bonnie expertly produced in plush form."
"Plush Capacitor" by Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill measures approximately 15" x 12" x 5", and are made of Soft Fleece and Animal Friendly Vinyl Pleather. And while this is a one-off, i'm sure folks interested in scoring one know who to bug, yeah? And "YES", the birthday boy DOES have a 1:1 DeLorean!!!

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