Pop! Game of Thrones: Series 3 from Funko


I somehow feel "crippled" here … by not having seen the series, all I can do here is just paste images and sprinkle a little bit of info, instead of relishing in the toy-ness of the pieces … be that as it may, here are images of Funko's "POP! Game of Thrones: Series 3"! Availability slated for January 14th -except for "Daenerys Targayen" to be had in February 18th- so do check in with your fav retailers for dibs!

I wonder if Funko could actually make the THRONE itself -purely as diorama- scaled to the vinyls … would truly make an epic diorama tho … perhaps as an incentive for procuring all 3 or more series? hhhmmmm

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