Pop! Television: Thundercats from Funko

I have a confession to make … every time I see images of Thundercats, the "battle cry" inevitably rings thru my mind; "Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats, HOooooOOOOOOooooo!"

Built-in reflex. True Story.

Sound out (in the comments section) if you're like me ... I don't really want to be "alone" here, ya know? Heh.

And now Funko's bringing the classic T'Cats back with "Lion-O", "Cheetara", "Panthro", "Mumm-Ra" and even "Snarf" as POP! Vinyls, with availability from December 17th! Do check in with your fav retailers for dibs!


Jesus Sanchez said...

I confess the battle cry . . . yes . . . I hear it too. LOL


*HI-5s* Jesus Sanchez! :)

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