"ALIENS" Homage Illustrations for the late H.R. Giger

With the passing of the late H.R. Giger, I was intrigued to find out if anyone else had drawn or illustrated any imagery in homage to the visionary artist, and amongst the myriad of drawings (predominately posted on Instagram), I've selected a few - in particular visual reference to the creature in "ALIENS" - in which to share here.

DISCLAIMER: I have attempted to credit the original artists, but there are a few whose imagery has traveled the www, but no credit ever given. Please feel free to educate us in the comments section of this post, thank you.

Above-left: Nathan Anderson
Above-right: Johnny Nguyen (IG @ mister___win)
Bottom-left: Dan Goodsell
Bottom-right: Terada Katsuya

Above-left: IG @howlamusic
Above-right: IG @skizzenblog
Bottom-left: Johnny Breaux (IG @johnnybreauxtattoo)
Bottom-right: Krissy Zorn (IG @killurgod13)

Above-left: Brandt Peters (IG @brandtpeters)
Above-right: UNKNOWN
Bottom-left: UNKNOWN
Bottom-right: UNKNOWN

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