Free Hugabugs from Argonaut Resins @ New York Comic Con #NYCC2015

Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins shares with us what he has in store for little kids that stop by his booth @ the coming #NYCC2015: FREE HUGABUGS!

Check out the images posted here, and his press release featured below:

ARGONAUT RESINS PRESS: "Argonaut Resins will be giving away a very limited amount of spongy squeezable foam hand cast bug figurines called HugaBugs at the New York Comic Con this year to little kids who visit their booth #402 in The Block. The bugs are two inches tall and are based off the Mariposa earlier resin releases and will come in various pastel colors. The all new soft Hugabugs have no wings but all of them will glow in the dark."

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