Hero Complex Gallery (Booth #236) for #NYCC2015 New York Comic Con

Here I am grabbing images left-right-center of artists signing at the Hero Complex Gallery Booth #236 at New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11) via their Twitter @herocomplexart, and it is nice to put faces to names of wonderful artwork, of people I might never have a chance to meet in my lifetime, which in essence is still pretty cool, methinks :)

Thursday, October 8th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson
1-4p - Peter Breese, Robert Bruno, Brian Roll, Guy Stauber

Friday, October 9th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, Tracie Ching, Glen Brogan
1-4p - Robert Bruno, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson, John Aslarona

Saturday, October 10th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Glen Brogan, Marko Manev
1-4p - JP Valderrama, Marinko Milosevski, Nick Comparone, Jason Liwag

Sunday, October 11th Signings
10-1 - K. Wilson, P. Shipper, Robert Bruno, Guy Stauber

[ View artwork previews HERE on FB ]
WHAT: "Tyler Stout Avengers: Age of Ultron (Cast & Crew Variant with Several Metallic Inks / Edition of 160), Craig Drake Books and All New Prints, Enamel and Die-cut Pins by Craig Drake, Kevin M. Wilson, 100% Soft, Bruce Yan and Timcab.
Peter Breese Darth Vader (and 11 more!)"

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