#Inktober 2015: Day One Illustrations

So #Inktober2015 has started in earnest, and no doubt Instagram and it's ilk are flooded with goodness galore and daily eye-candy! But I am particularly interested in a select few = folks who do not necessarily "illustrate" for a "living" (AKA "toy makers") - some names you'd be familiar with, and as well a few friends who do doodle for a living! As well I'd asked on my FB and Twitter

Posted here are DAY ONE sketches, both direct from Instagrams, or images (linked to their WWWs), and you are adviced to check them out for subsequent sketchery throughout the month :)

I'll take another look at the end of the month … maybe :)

Happy Doodling nevertheless, people!!!

Adventure time kind of scribble for #inktober2015 #inktober

A photo posted by @richpage on

(Jerry Teo on Facebook)

(Rukmunal Hakim on Facebook)

(Nelz Yumul on Facebook)

(Kelvin Chan on Art Jammers SG)

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