Samhain Sicklings & Harvest Sicklings by Yosiell Lorenzo Drops Oct 29

Yosiell Lorenzo gives us a heads up about a couple of releases happening this Thursday 11am PST via SAMHEIN SICKLINGS and mini harvest SICKLINGS! Pardon the pun but, they look SICK!
"Being a huge fan of Halloween I wanted to release special Sicklings for this Holiday. Samhain Sicklings are an edition of 6 and come with their own jack' o' lantern, $80.00 each. Along with the Samhain Sicklings I have new mini harvest Sicklings, in amber and pumpkin, they are 1.5" and are sold as singles for 12.00 or 20.00 for the set." - Yosiell Lorenzo

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