2PetalRose's SHIKOMI BJD-figure Releases Nov 4th

2PetalRose announces the pre-order for the most delightful of lady warriors I've witnessed online; "SHIKOMI", starting Wednesday 4th November @ 10.00PM (UK Time). Priced at 190.00 GBP plus shipping, they will be available via Here are more images and some product pics of the "One Girl Army" to enjoy:

Standing approximately 12 inches tall, Shikomi is Resin / *BJD (*Ball-Jointed-Doll) mix with custom fabric, and features fully poseable ball jointed neck & arms / Legs swivel (but knees are locked).

- Katana with Leather Strap
- Samurai Helmet with ribbon stitching and felt inlay.
- Custom designed & printed fabric wrap
-Magnet in feet for stability
-Wood base with grass print on a metal disc
- Hand made resin parts and all hand painted.

*Limited to 15 pieces worldwide, 5 figures will be shipped
for Christmas and the other 10 at the end of January.

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