1-Off ALAVAKAs by Toby Dutkiewicz Drops Dec 28

BODHISATTVA ALAVAKA DORJE: "The dorje can be defined (in Tibetan Buddhism) as a representation of a thunderbolt in the form of a short double trident or scepter, symbolizing the male aspect of the spirit and held during invocations and prayers. Sound the bell for the dorje have arrived."
UNEARTHED BODHISATTVA ALAVAKA: "Uncovered in the Himalayan Alps, relics of the past now discovered. Dark and mysterious reminders of our evolution as humankind. The history Alavi will not be forgotten."
Both of the above will be available on December 26th in the DHP webshop. Each item is a 1 off handpaint done by DHP's Toby D and comes as noted in their store listings. Priced at $100.00 or $35.00 each respectively.

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