10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy #3 by Plaseebo Drops Dec 18

Plaseebo will be offering up their 10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy #3 on Friday December 18th via the Plaseebo web-shop, and it looks amazing! Scroll down for more pic and the press release :)
PRESS: "Over the next few months, in celebration of the 10th year Anniversary of Plaseebo, we are releasing a special edition of one of a kind custom sets of the Plaseebo Mummy and Sarcophagus.

This is the third in the series and is cast in a GID blue vinyl with a mauve wash, the 7″ tall figure has been fitted with blue glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED, coming complete with a companion 9″ tall vinyl sarcophagus treated to silver metal leaf lid and also has an internal motion activated color-changing LED. Signed and dated 2015."

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