DrilOne vs. Mike Slobot Collaborations

"DrilOne and I recently collaborated on three pieces. I sculpted and assembled the 3 Slobots – two small robots and one large robot. I shipped them off to Dril to work his magic on. One has sold already (The Domonator), one is currently in Dril’s shop and one is in progress.

Dril and I previously collaborated on 3 pieces back in 2009/2010 and these new pieces are even better. What’s most exciting, is there is one more that is on Dril’s workbench now. It was a 10” Zakkamono Miao that I took apart and reconstructed into a Slobot – it’s going to be a crazy piece of robot art when Dril gets done with it. Dril and I will be posting pics of the final piece on Instagram; @drilone & @slobot"
- shared Mike Slobot.

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