Hug the Killer Animation & Christmas Sale

Niko Picto sends word of a Christmas sale are now on in their online shop (Price for 1 = US$35 / Price for a set of 2 = US$60), along with a promo video showcasing their "Empire" edition of HUG THE KILLER.

"The story of Hug the Killer is as such, while his body language is very friendly and welcoming, even to the point of opening his arms to hug you, he has a set of razor sharp teeth that is opening into a grin. It makes you wonder if he indeed is genuinely happy to meet you or are you simply his dinner?

We feel that this actually mimics life, in terms of your relationship with the next person. Are they genuine? Or are they simply using you? Hug the Killer defines the moment when you have all these uncertainties and yet you find yourself slowly walking towards Hug, in truth, you will never know the answer."
- Nicolas Lesaffre (Nikopicto)

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