MARVEL's SPIDER-MAN by ThreeA Toys Revealed at #ToySoul 2015

Unveiled at Toy Soul 2015 (Dec 18-20) over the weekend was ThreeA Toys' SPIDERMAN figure in 1/6th (which we had seen before) … BUT, there were two NEW figures displayed alongside, which seemed to depict Kids/Teens in Spider-man-iquse tops, complete with backpack and remote control!

Either they are depictions of the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot movie from MARVEL, or they are simply kids controlling their "Spider-Man ROBOT" (and comes as a set???). Two kids were on display, one wearing the red+blue, while the other is in "Venom"-black. Well, the 3A x MARVEL line of figures have been "alternate universe" styled of concepts thus far tho, hasn't it?

Let the speculation begin!

Source: Toy Soul / TOY PEOPLE / SzuTsung Ein

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