Teaser for Berserk's GUTS in 1/6 from Threezero

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GUTS in 1/6th from manga BERSERK teased by Threezero, featuring the character bloodied and well, in "berserk" mode hacking at his enemies on the battlefield bathed in blood!
"Broadsword with hilt wrapped in fabric strip" = Check!
"Accessories galore!" = Check!
"Interchangeable Angry face/head" = Check!
(unless it's a Threezero-online store exclusive?)
"Muscled Arm" = Check! "Articulated Armored Arm detail" = Check!

I'd imagine further product details and images to be revealed soon. Stay. Tuned.

Shown below is GUTS with a more stoic face, circa Wonder Fest in July:

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