What are YOUR Top Ten Toys of 2015?

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We've had tons of lists in 2014, and will continue forth with lists for 2015, looking back in a year of toys in your collection!


01. They have to be either purchased / gifted to you within the year of 2015 (preferably opened/ unboxed too), and/or they could be purchased / gifted in previous years but opened for the first time in 2015.

Essentially, they have to be toys YOU PERSONALLY OWN.

02A. List your favs from #10 to your ultimate bestest pick in #1 - and share with us "WHY" you listed/chose them.

02B. You want to list your own toy you made? Go ahead, but remember to tell us "why" too :)

03A. Share with us snaps of your ten listed toys, of pictures YOU took of said toys, NOT production pictures that were used to sell the toys, from the producers.

03B. If you have taken and posted them on your Instagram, gimme the URL link and I'll embed them straight-up.

Email me at "toysreviler [at]" - withsubject title: "Top 10 Toys of 2015" - thanks! :)

*The format will follow previous years - readable by CLICKING HERE :)

I will be spending the entire month of January 2016 featuring them, so email me before the month of January ends!

Cheers and celebrate the ending of 2015 by playing with your toys!


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