Buff Monster & "Matt" PinPinz Enamel Pins

So to be "fair" and all, since I'veposted about buttons and badges earlier today, here's a post about "enamel pins", to balance out the bloody!

Featured above are the latest pins from Buff Monster (which frankly I really like), currently purchasable online here on for U$10 each (more images since posted HERE on #iliiike), while featured below is the "trend" of the month with the d 1.5 inch "Matt" enamel pin currently on sale here on for US$10.99 per (Each pin is numbered out of an edition of 200).

Just a normal guy at a new job with no dark secret hidden past and definitely not Kylo Ren… Adam Driver's "Undercover Boss" parody stint on Saturday Night "Live" has seen his blonde-haired persona made into custom action figures, bootleg toys for sale, and now available as a limited edition enamel pin? #FastestMakersWins

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