CAMAZOTOZ THE DEATH BAT by Zectron x Brandt Peters x Unbox industries

You might have seen sneaks of this gorgeous critter on both Instagrasms of @unboxindustries and @brandtpeters for some time now, but now we have official word and snaps to share! Witness CAMAZOTOZ THE DEATH BAT!

Priced at US$85 each here, the pre-order ends Feb 10th, so stay sharp people!

"This 10 inch vinyl figure is a collaboration between Zectron, Unbox and Brandt Peters. Sculpted and designed by Zectron with the skull head design from Brandt Peters iconic Skelve design. Available right now in two different versions as a limited time pre-order throughUnbox. Both versions are unpainted marbled vinyl. The Blue Orchid is a semi-translucent blue marbled with light pink. The Pink Nightshade is bubblegum vinyl with purple accents."

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