Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy: A Clockwork Carrot Lil Alex Grayscale edition Drops Jan 8th

[ More pics HERE on Facebook ]

BlackBook Toy announces the release of new colorway of Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot Lil Alex - with the Grayscale edition, starting off a new year of toys in 2016!
"This Grayscale edition is matte finished, which gives him nostalgic look. What’s more, this edition comes with “that” mask!" - shared Kazuhiro Takahashi.
Sculpted by T9G, and standing 11.25” - Online sales would start at midnight of Jan 8th(Tokyo), Jan 7th 7am(LA), 10am(NY), 3pm(UK), 10pm(Thailand) via with each sofubi priced at 13500yen.

[ More pics HERE on Facebook ]

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