"THE HANGED" by Emilio Subirá Available Now!

Emilio Subirá ( shares with us news of his new toy release, with "THE HANGED" being a 17.5cm tall dude who stands upside down over his heavy head! "It is all about perspective." - said Emilio, who also shared with us;
"For the launching I have made two edition of 3 each one and one exclusive custom. The name "the hanged" have different meanings, in one hand is about relativity, about what something is depending on the viewer, in the other hand "el colgado" (the hanged in spanish) means in spanish slang "crazy man", "insane", finally the toy have a connection with the tarot card also called "the hanged man" that is sometime interpreted as you are a person out of the reality. Every toy comes with that tarot card (digital impression on waterpower)."

Purchasable via - the Red & Blue edition (3/3) is priced at US$99 + shipping (world wide), while the Yellow X pijama (OOAK) can be had for US$109.

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