Custom-Feature: Margaretha Von Weiss - Custom Bad Apple by JonPaul Kaiser

JonPaul Kaiser shares with TOYSREVIL a mind-blowingly awesome custom, yet again - this time on the Bad Apple figure from Mighty Jaxx! I'll let JPK do his own talking, and let the images show you my excitement for them LOL
"I've titled her Margaretha Von Weiss, a play on the names of Snow White and one of the women the legend is reputed to be based around. As you know this is a Bad Apple figure, produced by Mighty Jaxx and was a commission for a private client. From our discussions we decided to tell elements of her story through tattoos on her arms. To contrast and highlight the complexity of the tattoos, the rest of the figure is kept very bold and minimal." - shared JonPaul Kaiser (Photography by Justin Allfree)

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