Happy Valentines Day 2016

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TOYSREVIL wishes everyone Happy Valentines Day! I've always felt VDay was more Pink then Red, actually - thinking reds are kept for birthdays and anniversaries hahahaha - regardless of Color preferences, here's wishing all couples out there - relationshipped or married - a sweet and pleasant day! "Romance" might be overrated, but "comfort" is key to prolonged happiness, IMHO (says the still-single guy, so, listen at your own peril ... muahahahaha).

For singles who might not be celebrating or "making the moves" on other folks = go treat yourselves! Go grab that toy you've always wanted! (I've some select examples for you listed below) - Don't be left with an axe in your head at the end of the day, or in case the world ends, ya know? MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day with DYNO! To celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day which is DYNO’s birthday as well, for every USD100 purchase at our web shop, you will receive a free DYNO badge as a gift! Wish you and your beloved ones a really sweet Valentine’s Day with our little white monster﹗ Offer valid from 14 Feb ~ 21 Feb 2016 跟DYNO一起慶祝情人節吧﹗ 為慶祝情人節和DYNO的生日,於2月14日~2月21日期間,凡在Fluffy House官網購物滿USD 100,將獲贈DYNO襟章一個。 祝大家跟心愛的人和我們的白色小怪獸有個甜蜜幸福的情人節啊﹗ 贈送期間:2016年2月14日至2月21日 #fluffyhouse #dynolove #dyno #valentinesday #pin #badge #gift #sweet #happybirthday

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