Harry Potter Manga

Would be nice if it came with an image or a pic tho...

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Having first read the page with no images in the local newspaper earlier in the week (baffled me so with that page featured above), I finally gave in to my curiosity and googled for "Harry Potter Manga" and found out how the boy wizard and his fellow fictional fellows were gonna look, in their next incarnation as chibified-manga characters! But instead of being in serialized sequential comicbook-styled stories, they are printed on folders and made for sale only in Japan. PSYCHE!

"The artwork is the result of a collaboration between a Japanese design firm and a film studio, according to the Guardian. In all, 13 Harry Potter characters got manga treatment. In addition to its eponymous hero, there was also Ron and Hermione, Dumbledore and even Harry's messenger owl Hedwig. The backside of the pictures feature animals representing the four houses of Hogwarts." (Thanks to Yahoo!News)

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