Mazinger Flyers by Go Nagai x Katsyua Kurosawa x Unbox Industries On Sale Now

Go Nagai x @blackbox1978 Mazinger Flyers now available from our website!

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MAZINGER FLYERS by Go Nagai x Katsyua Kurosawa (Black Box) are now available to order from Individuals going for US$45 apiece, while there's an option for the entire set of 5 x figures priced at US$200.
"This series of stylized figures have been manufactured in soft vinyl that allows each Mazinger pilot to be easily removed and swapped into a different UFO."

Sized 5 inch, we've had a look at them on TOYSREVIL not too long ago (circa Ani-Con 2015), and now's your chance to snag them.

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