One-Off Custom PUGRIDERS by Wetworks Coming Soon!

UPDATED: The "Spectrum Series" one-off Pugriders pointedly Wetworks, will go on sale February 5th @ 9am SGT / 8pm EST / 1am GMT exclusively via Price undetermined as yet :)

With the release of the Coffee & Cream Editions of PUGRIDER (currently still available to purchase here for US$150 apiece), Singapore-based customizer/artist Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA Wetworks decided to paint a few blanks, as folks had been asking for a fully colored pieces, "but we currently don't have the funds to do a mass production," shared Carlo.

Shown here today is a "first look" at what will be released eventually in batches (stay tuned to his Instagram @iamwetworks for updates, people! Not forgetting that IG "giveaway" seen in pic below!) … and of all goes well, Carlo plans to bring illustrator YOII to Singapore for STGCC this year! Someone needs to hook the dude up, yo!

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