PLAYBOY X TWELVEDOT Art Toy Direct from Artist

In addition to their Fuzzy Valentines APO FROGS release, Twelvedot shares with TOYSREVIL that they have also secured a small number of their Playboy Art Toy for their collectors, who perhaps would joy purchasing direct from the artists (I know I would be). Priced at US$400 per piece, this was what else Twelvedot had to share;
"The bunny stands 48cm tall and comes with a custom platform and twelveDot's autograph sheet. Total production was limited to 100pcs worldwide. The box is quite huge and around 5kg in weight.

To place an order, please send us your shipping information and order quantity. We will confirm shipping costs with our courier and send you a PayPal invoice for your order."

*Pretending I am unboxing it myself ~ LOL*

(Email to "")
Shipping Address:
Postal Code:
Phone Number:
Playboy Art Toy: ____units @ US$400 per piece

FYI: Produced by Coartism, the item is also currently available via

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