Sanrio X Max Toy X EMP museum Hello Kitty Kaiju is Sold Out! NNNOOoooooooOOOOOOO

…Aaaahhh but the perils of living in a different timezone … my day-earlier blog scoops are dated a day-later (U.S. time anyways), and I constantly miss toy-drops … case in point: The by-now Sold Out EMP Museum Exclusive Colorway "Hello Kitty Kaiju" from Max Toy Co.! Looks absolutely stunning - great work again, Mark!
PRESS: "This EMP Exclusive colorway in artist Mark Nagata's famous Hello Kitty kaiju series is meant to evoke the fantastic colors of EMP's Frank Gehry building. "
Pre-orders were at US$50 pop for an end of February/beginning of March ship-out. I'll just go sulk in a corner now … kthxbye :p

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