He-Finn The Human by Robotic Industries Releases March 11th on

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Release March 11th @ 6pm London Time via is "He-Finn The Human" by UK-based artist James Freckingham AKA Robotic Industries! ( / IG @roboticindustries)!!!

An epic mash-up that begged to be a production release since I'd featured this in 2015 when it was a custom piece, and have been eagerly waiting for "official information" on the limited release!
"I know we are a little late on this one, but perfection doesn’t come easy. The meticulous mash-up of He-Man and Finn the Human is finally complete. We know you are hungry for this one so Robotic Industries have been hard at work making sure they have crossed every I and dotted every T." (Daniel Perry (Jazzydan) for

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The figure features 4 points of articulation (Neck, Waist and Shoulders) and comes on card with, along with Backpack and Golden Sword of battle, and can be yours for £50 GBP + shipping! Limited to 15 pieces = 10 for online release + 5 for ToyconUK 2016, I'd rally recommend you not dally with your purchasing decisions, and sort out your toy-priorities real quick!

And I wouldn't be overtly surprised if "Jake" The Battlecat was released at ToyConUK, innit? Would be an epic set, INDEED!

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[ Individual images HERE on FB ]

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