Justice League XXRAY for 2nd Quarter 2016 by Mighty Jaxx

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Up for a release scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2016, is the next series of XXRAY Justice Leaguers, this time we have THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, CYBORG and AQUAMAN joining the previously released Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman!

Locally has it for pre-order (opened Feb 29th / Closes March 4th) at SG$30 each. Do check in with your fav retailer(s) otherwise … and the next hinge you know, you'l have the entire line-up of the team without waiting for another release!

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WHAT-ARE: "XXRAY" are officially licensed characters from DC Comics given the "dissected" treatment style of Jason Freeny, with the 10cm (4") tall unarticulated figures produced by Mighty Jaxx.

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