#marchofrobots Has Begun!

The 2016 Edition of the annual #marchofrobots has begun and above is the line-up of "Top Posts" for the hashtag "#marchofrobots" (remember to tag our drawings, people!) - featuring artwork from Jake Parker (creator of #Inktober / IG @jakeparker), Concept Artist Emerson Tung (IG @emersontung), Concept Artist Kory Lynn Hubbell (IG @korylynnhubbell), Concept Designer Luis Esteves (IG @estevesdesign), Videogame Concept Artist Vorrarit 'Bang' Pornkerd (IG @vorrarit), NITRO (IG itrouzzz), Braydan Barrett (IG @__br__ba), Comic and Digital Artist Anthony Romrell (IG @anthonyromrell), and the instigator/creator of #marchofrobots himself; Dacosta! (IG @chocolatesoop)!

Up for grabs in this year's Instagram sketch challenge are "WACOM INTUOS ‘ART’ MEDIUM + Wacom Wireless Kit" (More info via
"*Winners will be drawn randomly. To be eligible, you must submit a minimum of 1 new drawing for the week of that draw and hashtagged #marchofrobots"
It's not necessarily JUST about "Skill", but as importantly "consistency" - so keep drawing-ON, folks! I've since started on mine, and hope to complete the month! :)

#mechamonday Knight Orion, Defender of the Inner Planets. Just in time for #marchofrobots too!

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THESE are the "Top Posts" for hashtag "#marchofrobots2016":

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