Pop! Marvel Series 4 & Nemesis Punisher from Funko

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FUNKO PRESS: "Fan favorites like the nefarious Doctor Octopus, incredible Spider-Gwen, the mysterious Captain Marvel, and the savage She-Hulk are now part of the Marvel Pop! line! Classic Falcon and Doctor Strange are also included in this wave! Coming in June!"
We've seen these figures from Funko's Pop! Marvel - Series 4 at New York Toy Fair earlier in the year, and nice to see comicbook characters make an appearance over their celluloid counterparts!

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Scroll down to check out "Pop! Marvel: Nemesis Punisher" - Purchasable on Amazon for US$19.99 (excluding shipping).
FUNKO PRESS: "Nemesis Punisher dons face-paint and fatigues to show that he means business! This figure is a must-have for serious Marvel fans! Available Now!"

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