SD Fake Baron Release by Tru:Tek

Available via is the "Super Deformed" Fake Baron keshi from Tru:Tek at Disart ToyLabs, as the latest figure in Awesome Toy's ongoing Artist Collection series, featuring 3D sculpted in-scale by Brownoize at little under 1" tall, coming hand cast in a keshi-style urethane rubber.
"Available with 2 initial buying options, we have a 3-pack produced in the super 'bot's classic red/yellow/blue and a special singular version, again coming in red but fitted with a pencil-sized hole in the bottom. Both coming packed in a gacha capsule with an insert designed by Tru:Tek with artwork from Rich Sheehan, the 3-pack and pencil topper can currently be found in the Toy Underground store right here for just $15 and $7 respectively." (Keep a lookout for a Disart ToyLabs exclusive version)

(Cheers for the headsup, Niall)

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