The Coming of Uglydoll x Toy Art Gallery "Kaiju Gacha Minis" (?)

And while product information is "scarce" a this point (who am I kidding here? There is NO product info as yet ~ lol), the visual reveal alone is worth the price of "excitement"! Are you folks ready for UGLYDOLL x Toy Art Gallery?

Looks to be a gacha series of mini figures with our fav Uglydoll characters in kaiju-form! And that's not something you'll see everyday these days … reliving the toy-days of yore when My Friend Dave, Wage, Babo and IceBat Ugly Kaijus ruled toy shelves (well, not mine as I'd never had the pleasure :p) … Updates when I have them! Meanwhile, stay connected on the creators' Instgram @davidzhorvath and @toyartgallery! :)

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