Zebulon's “FRENCHIE FRIENDS” Exclusive Release & Artist Signing @ Woot Bear (March 19)

Scheduled for Saturday March 19th @ Woot Bear is the “FRENCHIE FRIENDS” Zebulon x Woot Bear Exclusive Release and Artist Signing, from 6pm to 9pm.
PRODUCT TEXT: "Hand casted resin 2 inch figure of an adorable little Frenchie Friend! Each figure has a golden heart painted on with your choice of a teal or yellow scarf. Only 12 pieces made of each figure and are $40 each. Comes with handmade pouch and sticker. 4 random lucky people will receive an additional prize with their Frenchie Friend! A limited amount will be available at"

Artist: Zebulon @ Instagram: @zebulonthemagnificent /
Woot Bear @ / Instagram @wootbearbelly / Instagram @kidrobotsanfrancisco
Location: 1512 Haight St, San Francisco CA 94117

'I want to spend all of my time with only you'

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(Cheers for the headsup, Jeff)

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