Fossilpods by James Groman x Toy Art Gallery - Unearthed & Revealed (so far)!

Toy Art Gallery teases prototypes of their second collaboration with James Groman, with the new mini gachas titled "Fossilpods "! Themed along dinosaurs (ala B.C. Blasters) but with a more "mutated/insectoid" vein than "mechanized/weaponized"! Scroll down to peep the critters teased/revealed/unearthed so far featured below = Can't wait to see MORE!

Loving the juxtaposition of the creepy-crawlie variety mash-up with the extinct giants of the Dino Age - extinct no more! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

Stay connected to either Instagrams @toyartgallery and Gino's person IG @mjoukar for updates!

(Above: "Tyrannomantis")

(Above: "Brontopillar")

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(Above: "Ankylapod")

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