Mecha Top Release by inami toys on April 28th

INAMI TOYS PRESS: "Presenting the next-gen Rock-Paper-Scissors Top! The Mecha Top is designed as a robotic mining exosuit. Each Top uses real cold-cast metal for the handle and drill. As an added feature, the Pilot is poseable by turning to face any direction. Each Mecha Top also comes with a rock base for display purposes. The play feature is very simple to use. Just spin it and once it stops whichever hand is raised is Mecha Top's move." - shared Kevin Nam @ inami toys)

In a limited edition of only 8, echo priced at US$70, look for the release online via on April 28th at 8 PM EST!

Meanwhile, check out this splendid video from Kevin, who shares with folks an inside look at his process of creating the Mecha Top~!

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