Shaolin Cowboy Blue Edition from Wednesday's Finest

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While I've previously featured the (original) red colorway (back in 2012), featured here today is the second colorway of Geof Darrow’s SHAOLIN COWBOY vinyl figure!

Sculpted by Monster 5 and produced by Wednesday’s Finest, this particular 14" tall vinyl figure has a run size of only 100pcs, and retails for double of his red colorway predecessor, at US$200.

We've always seen the Shaolin Cowboy in his red shirt throughout his comicbook (covers), and this is the first time we are seeing him in his blue top and (darker) kaki pants! Would've loved to own both of them too tho!

Currently distributed by Disburst (info via), seems this figure was released way back in 2014 (seen below on display at Geof Darrow's booth at a convention / pics via).


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