UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters In RED & Le Mans Blue NADSAT BOY via Toy Art Gallery

Released May 4th on is the UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters! A collaboration between Toy Art Gallery and David Horvarth and Sun-Min Kim of UGLYDOLL, I've raved about them before on the blog! Each figure stands approx. 2" tall and can be had for US$12 each. The set of 8 (US$72) has since been listed as "Sold Out" (as of this post, alas). And while Red BABO has also been "Sold Out", there's still JEERO, OX, WAGE, BATTY, TARGET, ICE BAT and WEDGEHEAD to be had!

Also a headsup for fans of Kenth Toy Work's NADSAT BOY - with the new 7-inches tall "Le Mans Blue Nadsat Boy" dropping Friday, 5/6 at 12PM PST at! Priced at US$55 apiece, the vinyl figure features articulation at the arms, waist and head and includes a resin staff. What every drug needs :)

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