Eloise Kim's Zipper Rabbit "The Forest" releases June 29th on

Releasing online via on Wednesday June 29th at 1PM EST, are ZIPPER RABBIT "THE FOREST" from South Korean artist Eloise Kim - available in 3 editions (Original, Black Eyes, Pink Eyes) and will retail for US$59.99 each.
MPH PRESS: "Zipper Rabbit “The Forest” made it’s debut during Art Toy Culture in South Korea this year and has made the trip over to the U.S. for its first international release."

[ Individual images HERE on Facebook ]
“It is a scary looking monster toy, who often faces discrimination from other rabbits. Through Zipper Rabbit, I intend to discuss about the misunderstanding and prejudice that comes from the outer appearance, and the true inner self.” - describes Eloise Kim of her character creation.

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