Darth Candy & Django Uncloned “Animated Edition” by Good For You Toys for DKE Toys @ #SDCC2016

DKE TOYS PRESS for DARTH CANDY: "Good For You Toys’ third installment in their Django Uncloned series (the “D” is silent). This is the Debut Edition of the evil villain Darth Candy. Each card will feature "custom galactic spray” and have mesmerizing silver highlights. All previous editions of Django Fett and Slave Hildy sold out. Get this one while you can. Hand cast 3.75" resin carded figure. Sculpted by George Gaspar."

DKE TOYS PRESS for Django Uncloned “Animated Edition”: "Good For You Toys is back with yet another Django Fett (the “D” is silent) in their classic mash up series of our favorite space opera and our western hero Django. This colorway is based on the classic animated bounty hunter look with remixed front and back card art. Why do they keep making more Django colorways you ask? Because they keep selling out!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on card. We fully expect these to rocket fire away…"
Both editions are limited to 30pcs each, both priced at US$60 apiece (tax included), and will be available at Booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24).

FYI: These are just two of a ton of exclusives from DKE TOYS to be had at this year's SDCC!


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