FuFuFanny's Romeos & Acorns Dropping July 5th


Taiwanese artist Fanny Kao sends word of her impending releases on Tuesday, 5th July, 10am Taiwan time via her online store @ - featuring a small batch of Acorn and Romeo, and as well Acorn badges (in 4 colorways).

Both the Romeos and Acorns are made of PVC material this time, unlike her previous resin releases, hence more affordable pricing, and no reason for you folks to not get ALL the editions at a go, yeah? Happy Shopping, people!

Sized 12cm wide x 8cm tall, the PVC ROMEO are
priced at US$28 apiece.00 (excluding shipping)
Sized 7.2cm from nose to butt, the PVC ACORNS
are priced at US$20.00 apiece (excluding shipping)
Sized 2.8 cm form nose to butt, the ACORN BADGE
are each priced at US$5.00 (excluding shipping)

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