Upgrading-In-Progress (Thank You For Your Patience)

Sincere apologies for the lack of updates this fine Saturday, as I’ve had a day-filled with offline tasks, and some “upgrading works” being done to TOYSREVIL HQ - quite an un-opptune time, seeing it’s SDCC-weekend and all, but … Please do bear with me as I work the kinks out, so I can bring you more and faster toy news soon!

MEANWHILE, scroll down for some snaps of “moving day” done much earlier in the morning, as I awaited confirmation to my day’s schedule!

Thank you and have a fabulous weekend!


P/S: Instagramming + Twittering + Facebooking will continue forth as usual!

#MovingDay :) #toylife #TOYSREVILEditions

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Moved into a higher level, just beneath my #Evangelion #toyshrine haha #toylife #movingday

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The #TOYSREVILEditions shelf's new display :) #toylife #feelingachieved

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