From South Korean artist Rato Kim comes a yummy new way to beat the summer heat! Or rather, the "notion" to, anyways? :p

Introducing WATERMELON CAT! Featuring her BOXCAT platform figure in the guise of a fresh juicy "watermelon"!

Priced at US$65 per (excluding shipping / payable via PayPal), you can pre-order by emailing her direct at "" with the following details … but you'd have to be quick on the trigger tho, as pre-orders end July 13th, for a mid-August delivery!

[How to Order]
- Name -
- PayPal account -
- WatermelonCat number -
- Residential land -
- Address -
- Contact -
- Select Shipping - 1 [EMS] , 2 [Air Small Packet]

[Shipping Options]
- EMS (3-7 days / Safe delivery.)
- Air Small Packet (7-15 days / "I shall not be liable even if not to make delivery.")
- Asia 10 USD / Other 15 USD

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There are tons more editions to be had and savored via her Facebook and Instagram @ratokim - including the yummilicious BREADTCAT and her recent UGLYCAT collabo with Ugydoll for Uglycon2016! Thanks for the headsup, Ai Ling! LOVE the BreadCat!)

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