“小流氓﹣殺出毒龍潭” / “Little Rascals” Fan-Made Animation

One of the more memorable about Sunday’s visit to CSC (*China Square Central* to folks new to my blog - CSC is the mecca of toys on Sundays!) was bumping into an old friend from the Clarke Quay toy-days, and of discovering old connections and ties we both had not known of before, AND getting a history education in the Chinese mahuas I used to collect! And I’ always remember he collected “小流氓”, and kept them / traveled with a vintage briefcase too!

Then I randomly saw this fan-made video on Facebook (This piece is from November, 2013 tho…), and wished I had his FB account I could’ve shared with him this!

“小流氓﹣殺出毒龍潭” is essentially “Little Rascals” (circa 1970s), also known as “Oriental Heroes”, but popularly recognized as “Dragon Tiger Gate (龙虎门)”. You can read up more about the comic here on Wikipedia, while I dig up my Hot Toys 1/6 “3 Kings” figure set to showcase and sell (Link is not "live" yet :p) MUAHAHAHAHAHA

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