Luke Chueh’s “MASKS” Drops Aug 22nd on 1XRUN

Hand-painted “MASKS” series by Luke Chueh to be released via on August 22nd, 2016 at 12:00PM EST.

The White masks are an edition of 10 and are priced at US$300.
The Black masks are an edition of 4, and are priced at US$350.
The Blue and Red masks are an edition of 3, and are priced at US$375.

”These masks were originally created last year during my exhibition at Wrong Gallery Taipei. I took the unpainted masks from that show back home and decided to release them here with 1xRun, and with their help, we built a backing on each mask to make them easy to hang. I don't have the exact measurements of the mask, but I think you can tell that they are a little over 12-14 inches in diameter and height. There are 4 different colors to the masks. They come in White, Blue, Red, and Black.” - shared Luke Chueh

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